You sing in an ensemble or choir and would like to take part in workshops or coaching with ONAIR? We'd love to come to your rehearsal room! Arranging, beatbox, percussion, singing or sound engineering - whatever you want!


„Da Capo“
Arranging for absolute beginners

Teacher: André Bachmann

Reading music is one thing. Singing from sheet music is even great!

But writing music? In several systems? And then also in such a way that your choir doesn't break out in a sweat while singing and it might even sound a bit nice in the end? All of you who are now not confidently saying "No problem!" but "Give it a try!" will learn the basics of arranging for multiple voices in this workshop. Together we will explore ranges, notation options, voicings, syllables, articulations, and shed light on the many small and large rules of harmony theory.

Questions are welcome and will be answered with pleasure, because at the end of the workshop every participant should be fit for his first steps into the magical world of choral sound.

Arranging for advanced

Teacher: André Bachmann

Now we're picking up the pace and making you (and us) sweat. This course is for everyone for whom an "A9" is not a federal highway and who doesn't search for "#5" on Instagram. We'll take a critical look at examples from the ONAIR sheet music library and explain our approach to arrangements, voicings, "avoid" notes, and more. We'll mainly move in our own pop music context, but we won't shy away from detours into jazz either. In the end, we hope to leave you with an enriched and musically inspired choir.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and to help you with your music notation problems. Participants are asked to bring their own laptop with notation software (if available).

Beatbox & Percussion

„Do some beatbox!“

Teacher: Patrick Oliver

If you now instinctively bring your hands to your mouth and think of "Buffzekatze", you are exactly right in the workshop of Patrick Oliver.

Patrick will give you everything you need to have your hands free when beatboxing. The most important sounds (bass drum, snare, hihat, tom toms, cymbals) will be closely examined and tried out with different rhythms and styles. And because we know you want even more, Patrick will show you in the second part how to make your skills with the microphone and the miracle of sound engineering sound even a bit better than they already do. You can also put rhythm into notes. Patrick will show you how to read them and bring lots of examples to try out right away. Have fun!

This workshop is offered in 2 variants (beginner and advanced), if desired.

„Dare: Knock yourself“
Bodypercussion basics for choirs and ensembles

Teachers: Patrick Oliver, Jennifer Kothe

Body percussion means something to you, but you and your choir/ensemble don't quite know how to incorporate it into your performance? No problem, because this workshop is exclusively for newbies! Body percussion in the choir can not only effectively enhance arrangements and amaze audiences, it also playfully strengthens your choir's sense of rhythm. Learn simple grooves for every situation with ONAIR. In this basic workshop, ONAIR will show you some simple but effective skills to make your songs really groove. You'll get exercises on common pop grooves, work up a sweat, and hopefully leave with a head full of new ideas for your choir.

Around singing

„Sing it!“
Skills for voice and interpretation

Teacher: André Bachmann

Choral singing is about merging with one another, immersing oneself in a body of sound, resounding together. Those who seek fulfillment in this will soon discover for themselves and others how fundamentally important a solid, individual vocal technique is. Good choir singers are flexible in all parameters of their voice shaping and can often intuitively meet any musical demand and thus devote themselves to free music making, to shaping the content.

Together we discover ways to warm the voice more gently, to breathe more freely, to sound more expansive and to harmonize better with each other. We discuss individual limitations and ways to overcome them without fear. Nevertheless, this workshop can only be a prologue for a more intensive individual training. Building on this, another focus will be working on blending, that feeling of oneness, of unison. We will find ways into this state of musical blending with each other, open our ears for the music around us, learn to align our antennas to the fellow musicians with amazingly simple techniques. This workshop is for all singing enthusiasts, beginners and advanced.

„Ears open“
Blending in the choir through conscious listening

with Marta Helmin

Ever noticed that sometimes it sounds especially good? That's what this workshop is for. Often, in relation to outstanding vocal ensembles, there is talk of a special harmony between the protagonists that results in a perfect body of sound. And probably every choir singer knows the importance of "blending": for some it hangs over every choir rehearsal like a sword of Damocles, while others experience the most beautiful moments of making music together with it. But how do I manage to create such moments for my choir - moments in which the voices merge and one reaches that mystical peak of "being in the now"?

Together with you, we want to explore ways to better perceive ourselves while singing and to intuitively follow impulses. Naturally, our attention will be focused on the main musical sense, hearing. But the real, conscious listening begins only when we learn to turn off all cognitive, all evaluating - to give our ears the true control over our voices and thus over the music. We want to explore this state with you.


ONAIR project choir

Teachers: Jennifer Kothe or Patrick Oliver

You lead a jazz-pop choir or are an ambitious singer? Then study 2-3 songs (arranged for choir) from the current ONAIR show with ONAIR. Together with other singers you will form the ONAIR choir for a short time. If you're up for singing together with new faces, sign up for a little musical adventure with ONAIR. Take home new arrangements, be on stage together with ONAIR. Become a part of ONAIR!

Sight reading for beginners

with Marta Helmin

All beginnings are hard! It's always the same: new notes are handed out and you feel overwhelmed by crosses, slurs, flags and all that is written in your voice. Together we will work out a concept of how you can approach the notes without fear and sweating. We learn to sort the notes and signs into different categories and to learn and understand the voice step by step, because it also has something to do with the other voices. Suddenly everything makes much more sense and the new piece is twice as much fun.

„Behind The Scenes“
Plays fly on the wall in an ONAIR rehearsal

In this open ONAIR rehearsal we will give you an insight into our rehearsal work, show you among other things how we work on our stage presence (e.g. feeling each other, taking in impulses and strengthening our connection with each other, interpreting lyrics, diving into an "inner video clip" etc.). Together with sound engineer Nicolai Plier we look at what happens when a sound design is added to our arrangements. What electronic effects, reverberation spaces, delays, octavers, etc. can we use to support the dramaturgical arc of our arrangement?


„Do you really do everything with your mouth?“
Electronic effects for singers

with Patrick Oliver or others

Attention! This workshop is clearly not aimed at vocal purists who already condemn a reverb effect as a distortion of the pure vocal sound, who leave concerts grimly when the basses are full for the first time ... joking aside! In the world of a cappella singing, electronic effects have become part and parcel of the sound and everyone, really everyone, is welcome to discover this aspect of vocal performance with us. Furthermore, we will give you a short introduction to the topic of "looping and voice": With the help of the loop technique, complex sound structures or even entire songs can be created by recording and playing back your own voice. Nowadays, professional ensembles use the revolutionary music software "Ableton Live", with which complex arrangements, timed effects, etc. can be realized and performed live. Especially when used live, "Ableton Live" proves to be a powerful sound design and creative tool. We will show you in a live demonstration what "Ableton Live" can do and how you can use it on stage, for productions or even during rehearsals.

A PA and projector are needed.

„Recording Secrets“
From the first sound to the finished CD

with Patrick Oliver

We talk to you about the individual production steps of the new ONAIR CD for the current program. We will give you exclusive insights into the process of creation and the procedure of the individual stages up to the finished CD.

We will talk to you in an open discussion about the process of recording, the importance of editing and the necessary tools. We also talk about the pros and cons of doing a mix yourself or having it done.



Masterclass (Coaching for ensembles and choirs)

only for advanced ensembles/choir by individual arrangement (coach tba)

Register yourself and your ensemble or choir for an intensive masterclass with ONAIR. From blending to groove to stage presence, ONAIR will work on your singers' individual musical building blocks. Every ensemble is welcome, no matter if you want to get fit for a competition or just need tips and tricks for the problem in bar 84. Send us the sheet music of your construction site song in advance and get ready for a hard-hitting 90 minutes with ONAIR. Longer coaching sessions (up to half a day) by individual arrangement.


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